Bringing out the best in wooden floors is our way of thinking. This is our attitude in everything we do, independent of whether it concerns our customers, partners, employees or products. We never compromise on quality or reliability.

There are no secrets to us in the magnificent world of wood. Crafted with special care,  Artistico`s floorswill transform your house into an unique place for enjoying life at its best. The creative idea built in the company`s name is itself a guarantee of a high level of entrepreneur philosophy. 

Manufacturing, wholesale and installation services are the major assets of our ten year long prosperity. It is based upon the idea of offering a complete service to our clients, supplying all materials at the right price and providing with excellent customer care.

Artistico Ltd manufactures solid oak floorings from a range of hardwoods. These include: oakcherrywalnut, etc.and are divided in two main categories of traditional oak parquet flooring and wide plank solid floorings, each represented by a wide range of sizes. The manufacturing process is strictly controlled (subject to daily quality checks) in our modern factory thus enabling us to achieve the highest technological standard available.
We specialize in the creation of luxurious art mosaic floorings combining rich variety of shapes with different kinds of timber. These are modules of geometrical shapes built to exact specification. Once laid as a floor they make beautiful mosaics of wood.
We also manufacture floorings to your individual requirements. To make this possible we have appointed a designer who would prepare beforehand a special project to suit your personal idea. These solid oak floorings are one of a kind. Simply unique.




Trade and Retail
During ten years of trading we have been supplying solid wood to an extensive network of retailers, construction companies, interior designer firms and direct clients of ours. The company also operates a large number of warehouses as well as a distributors network on its own.




Fitting service
At our disposal is a team of qualified advisors in the field who would ensure that you are properly consulted so that you are able to make an informed choice according to your particular needs (furniture and lighting suitability, etc.) and budget. Also we would supply samples on site and we are happy to advice on all aspects of the service without any obligation.
Installation of solid wood floorings makes a substantial part of our business and therefore we employ fully trained and skilful workmen that are using proven working routines and laying technologies to guarantee that every floor we lay is second to none.