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Floor Fitting Service

Installing real wood flooring is not DIY job. Indeed to carry out professional floor fitting work, you would most certainly need professional flooring installer. Moreover, as any other trade in fact, experience is the most important part for any quality floor fitting job. However, depending on the type of the flooring you need to install, there are different installation methods. Important to remember is that we at Artistco UK are proud to be among the best floor fitters in London and surrounding areas. In fact we’ve completed number of domestic and commercial flooring installation projects in the past decade. Furthermore, the very high rate of recommendations from happy customers is the core part of our daily business. We encourage you to get in touch and find out why.

At our disposal is a team of qualified advisors in the field who would ensure that you are properly consulted so that you are able to make an informed choice according to your particular needs (furniture and lighting suitability, etc.) and budget. Also we would supply samples onsite and we are happy to advice on all aspects of the service without any obligation.

Floor fitting second to none

Installation of wooden floors makes a substantial part of our business and therefore we employ fully trained and skillful workmen that are using proven working routines and laying technologies to guarantee that every floor we lay is second to none.

Engineered Flooring Installation, floor fitting

Another important part for successful and top quality flooring installation work is preparation of the base. Good sub floor preparation is vital part of quality wood floor fitting work. As flooring experts, we know how to deal with preparation of sub-flooring of any kind. Weather you need your concrete flooring to be make good and levelled, or you need reinforcement of the existing joists, our company will carry everything required, for quality flooring work.

Fitting Engineered Flooring

To begin with, one of the most popular type of real wood flooring nowadays is engineered wood. When it comes in planks, most professionals find it relatively easy flooring installation. However, you should remember that professional floor fitter, will simply do much better job, than any common builder (no disrespect to anyone of coarse). Furthermore, when it comes to installing engineered flooring, there are number of specifics that needs to be considered. All in all, so the flooring work to be completed up to the top quality standards, our clients are after.

Once you choose the engineered flooring that you would like to install in your property, Artistico UK will be more than happy to advise about the most appropriate method of installation. This will depends on the chosen engineered flooring, as well as the existing sub-floor base.

Most popular installation methods of engineered flooring

  • Floating Floor
  • Gluing Down
  • Secret Nailing

Important to remember is that our engineered floor fitters are experienced with all installation techniques. Furthermore we would like to reassure our clients that we will complete the floor fitting, to the highest possible standards.

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Solid Hardwood floor fitting

Fitting Solid Hardwood

Even though Solid wood is much less used at present, due to sustainability and care for our environment, our company is still among the most reputable installers of solid hardwood planks. Nevertheless, we keep offering to our clients professional fitting, as well as supply of solid European Oak flooring in various sizes.  Important to remember, when you’re planning to install solid timber flooring in your property is that wood is moisture sensitive products and it will have it’s natural movement during the full lengths of it’s lifespan. Because of its stability, once again, we need to assess and carry appropriate preparation work of the base. Another thing to consider is that solid wood may not be ideal option for installation in areas with excessive humidity or damp.

Installation techniques of Solid Wood Flooring

When it comes to installing of solid hardwood flooring, the main purpose is to minimise the natural movement of the wood. This why floating installation method, as with the engineered flooring is not recommended for solid wood floor fitting. The most popular ways to install solid hardwoods are:

  • Gluing Down
  • Secret Nailing
  • Nailed & Glued

Experienced floor fitter will most certainly know how to fit the flooring in a way to maximise the longevity and stability of the flooring.

Parquet Floor Fitting

Parquet Floor Laying

Parquet floor fitting is perhaps one of the most complicate and elaborate flooring installation work in our trade. This is indeed, one of the niche, where Artistico made its reputation of excellence, in floor fitting. Remember that only experienced parquet floor fitter will guarantee that the parquet flooring work is completed to the highest possible standards. Ones again the prep-work of the base is particularly important and we need to address it as appropriate.

Recommended installation method is only gluing down. The specifics of the of the parquet floor fitting are that it may require additional finishing or treatment of the parquet flooring after the installation is complete. Our experiesed floor fitters have all necessary equipment and machinery to do that, therefore, we’ll be more than happy to offer professional parquet floor fitting to our customers.

Quality Flooring Materials

Apart of our professionalism and experience in engineered flooring installation, Artistico UK is also one of the leading suppliers of quality engineered oak flooring. Our selection of engineered timbers provides only the best quality flooring, that will suits the most sophisticated taste.

Choosing single flooring contractor to provide you complete flooring service – Supply, Preparation, Installation & Aftercare, gives you the benefit to have everything fully guaranteed by one company. Artistico UK will make sure that all is carried in professional manner and always with in the advised schedule.

Finishing Touch for your flooring installation

Part of our High Quality Wood Floor Installation Service is to provide complete job to our clients. Where required we would be happy to supply and install any matching trims and thresholds to make your flooring installation work complete. Furthermore, will take in to account all minor details for the flooring work. Our flooring craftsmen know how to keep an eye for the details.

Why Chose Us?

Prior providing you with an official quotation for the required flooring work, one of our experienced surveyors will meet you at your property and discuss your project in details. We will also check the particular site environment and will provide appropriate advise and recommendations, about anything that needs to be taken in to consideration before installing the required wooden flooring.

Keeping our high Quality standards of Workmanship is our daily task. We aim always to use the latest technology and equipment available. This is important step to guarantee our quick and efficient wood flooring work. At our disposal are our own floor fitters or subcontractors directly related to our company. This is how we guarantee that the flooring work is carried to the highest quality standards.

With more than 20 years of experience in the field of wood floor fitting & installation, Artistico UK has proven to be one of the best Wood Flooring Contractors in Watford, London & home counties. Our Residential & Commercial clients, can always relay on our professional advise, as well as to undertake any wood flooring project with attention to the very last detail.

Making no Compromise on Quality & Reliability is our way of thinking. We always carry the flooring work required in your project paying attention to the very last detail. The high number of happy clients is the main reason to have huge volume of repetitive business and recommendations from our existing customers. You can rest assured that your flooring Project will be completed to the highest possible standards and always according to your schedule.

Engineered Flooring Installation

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When it comes to Professional Engineered Flooring Installation, Artistico UK is preferred flooring contractor in London & Home Counties. With years of experience, dealing with wood flooring Installation & Renovation, your wood flooring project can never be in better hands. Professional Wood Flooring Work GUARANTEED!!