At our disposal is a team of qualified advisors in the field who would ensure that you are properly consulted so that you are able to make an informed choice according to your particular needs (furniture and lighting suitability, etc.) and budget. Also we would supply samples onsite and we are happy to advice on all aspects of the service without any obligation.
Installation of wooden floors makes a substantial part of our business and therefore we employ fully trained and skilful workmen that are using proven working routines and laying technologies to guarantee that every floor we lay is second to none.


Fitting charge

Our charge depends on the fitting method and materials required and the distance where you are. When sending an e-mail to for a quote, please give us the following information: 1. Your address;   2. Number and size of the rooms;   3. Item code of the flooring you want, as displayed just after the item title;   4. Some more details about your subfloor (is it concrete, how deep and old or is it old boards, are all of them well fixed and level). In order to receive our quote immediately, please do not miss any of these four point details.