Discover Treasure Beneath Your Carpet!

Imagine lifting your carpet and finding a parquet flooring underneath!

One of our customers did just that and discovered beautiful parquet flooring beneath their carpet. However, it needed some love, care, and attention, which is where our parquet restoration service team at Artistico comes in.

First, we assessed the flooring and advised the customer on what needed to be done. In this case, it was a straightforward job: sanding the floor, buffing it with our machine, and finishing it with a clear lacquer. We even worked around fixed furniture, such as the TV unit and radiators, ensuring we did not damage the customer’s belongings while working diligently.

Why Choose Artistico?
At Artistico, we specialize in reviving your hidden treasures and bringing them back to life with our expert services. Whether it’s parquet flooring or any other type of wood flooring, we have the skills and experience to make it shine again.

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Professional Sanding and Finishing Services by Artistico

At Artistico, we use professional sanding machines equipped with dust-capturing bags, significantly reducing the amount of dust released into the air during the sanding process. However, in hard-to-reach areas, such as under the TV cabinet and in corners, we use smaller machines that may leave some dust behind. We strive to keep dust levels to a minimum, typically not exceeding 2 mg per cubic meter.

After sanding with various grits, we achieve bare wood flooring, removing light scratches and imperfections, such as the Greek-style emblem shown in the image. Next, we polish the flooring with our buffing machine, resulting in a high-quality, smooth finish. For this project, the client desired a natural look, so we applied three coats of a clear matte water-based lacquer for added protection.

Both the client and our team were pleased with the result. We hope more people can experience the joy of discovering and restoring their hidden wood flooring. If you would like our assistance, please follow this link to our Quote form.