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Sanding Wood Floors

Have you just discovered a shabby-looking wood floor underneath your carpet, or you simply looking to renovate your existing floor, as it already look tired and worn? Sanding Wood Floors is the right way to do that. Your wooden flooring can be brought back to life in no time. The procedure is easy simple and far less messy than you think.

Sanding Wood Floors

Our everyday life does affect our wooden flooring and we end up with some scratches, dents and general wear and tear. Pets, children and heavy foot traffic also leave their fair mark on the wooden floor.

Fortunately, this is 100% repairable. With careful sanding and gap filling your wood floor will look brand new again.
Sanding Wood Floors

Sanding Wood Floors is one of the Floor Sanding Services, Artistico UK offers to its local residential & commercial customers. Renovation of your wooden floor now is quick, efficient and far less messy than you would expect. Using Professional floor sanding equipment, our experienced floor sanders will complete your flooring renovation work much quicker that you may think, with making no compromise on quality & reliability.

Dust FREE Floor Sanding

All professional floor sanding machines come equipped with a dust capturing bags, which are very useful and reduces by a large percentage the dust released in the air. However, the floor sander is just part of the equipment used during the floor finishing process. Usually a larger amount of dust is released during the buffing of the floors and some dust is also left un-captured from the smaller tools used for finishing corners and difficult to reach areas. In general nowadays sanding the dust released from the sanding process is reduced to the very minimum. The dust discharge will not exceed 2 mg per cubic meter.

Best Floor Finishes

Artistico UK use only approved Lacquer & Oil, wood floor finishing products, which not only guaranteed the optimal durability of the desired finish, but gives you the guarantee that the floor finish is made by the latest industry standards and fully comply with the British environmental regulations.

Application of some Samples of Various stain options is usually a standard procedure, in order to show the finished colour on to your wood floor. This is important part of the sanding of wooden floors, as the customer will be able to physically see and approve the finish on site prior application.

For premium Osmo Oils and a wide selection of finishes, visit our e-shop to explore our high-quality products and enhance the beauty and durability of your floors.

Why Chose Us?

We only use professional DUST FREE, floor sanding machines & equipment, manufactured from one of the leading brands in the industry. Making sure that every wooden floor sanding work is completed with very minimal saw dust from the timber, released in the air. Dustless floor sanding is first and probably most important thing for any wood floor sanding and renovation job that we at Artistico UK carry in day to day basis.

With more than 20 years of experience in the field of wood floor fitting & installation, Artistico UK has proven to be one of the best Wood Flooring Contractors in Watford, London & home counties. Our Residential & Commercial clients, can always relay on our professional advise, as well as to undertake any wood flooring project with attention to the very last detail.

Keeping our high Quality standards of Workmanship is our daily task. We aim always to use the latest technology and equipment available, in order to guarantee our quick and efficient wood flooring work. We only use our own floor fitters or subcontractors directly related to our company, in order to guarantee that the flooring work is carried to the highest quality standards.

Making no Compromise on Quality & Reliability is our way of thinking. We always carry the flooring work required in your project paying attention to the very last detail. The high number of happy clients is the main reason to have huge volume of repetitive business and recommendations from our existing customers. You can rest assured that your flooring Project will be completed to the highest possible standards and always according to your schedule.

Sanding Wood Floors - Before & After

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Professional Flooring Company

When it comes to Professional Engineered Flooring Installation, Artistico UK is preferred flooring contractor in London & Home Counties. With years of experience, dealing with wood flooring Installation & Renovation, your wood flooring project can never be in better hands. Professional Wood Flooring Work GUARANTEED!!