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Eco-friendly, organic, high elasticity, mineral adhesive for the high-performance laying of hardwood floors, ideal for use in GreenBuilding. Two-component, safeguards the health of operators.

Slc® Eco L34 develops a perfect balance between adhesive force and elasticity, that guarantees superior levels of safety when laying hardwood floors of any size and wood type on any type of substrate.

Greenbuilding Rating

Category: Organic Mineral Product.

Class: Organic mineral adhesive for hardwood floors.

Rating: Eco 2.

Product Strength

Ideal for laying all types of hardwood floors on all types of substrates.

Perfect ballance between adhesive force and elastcity.

Anty shock system technology to garantee the strenght and adhesion in actual working conditions.

Rapid preformance growth, also at low temperatures.

Suitable for heated substrates.

The two pre-batched components must be mixed prior to use in the following proportions: Part A: 9kg + Part B: 1kg.

Postage cost

Additional information

Item Code




Pack Size



800 – 1500 g/m²

Drying Time

Foot traffic 8hrs / Normal Use 24hrs


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